My 3rd participation at the jambit Creatives Monthly Challenge. The topic this time was: Green.

When we decided that “green” would be this month’s challenge, I was somehow disappointed at first. We just had shown each other our works for the topic “Fantasy”, and the only thing I could think of was ethereal sounds and traditional Irish instruments. But luckily the others reminded me, that one can look at that topic in sooooo many ways.

Among this giant list of green things was Hulk. The only thing I know about this figure is what Wikipedia describes, and – of course – that he is green. So here my track, having a transformation of the small guy to Hulk in mind, with a succeeding action scene (maybe a battle or a race or something).

In this track I used the so-called braaams pattern a lot. If you are interested, have a look at this very well made short tutorial: