And I another time had the great honor to work on a project together with my brother. He started doing little short movies, produced entirely in realtime 3D engines, while still being as close as possible to film standards – and calls them “Cineminiatures”.

Whilst I am very happy with the end result, I am aware that this was not well done by myself: After seeing the first version of the footage I realized, that it needs only very minimal musical elements; the image was so strong and expressive that an epic soundtrack would rather be concurring to it – instead of supporting it. But eventually this changed in my composing process (without being planned), and I ended up in a epic style soundtrack. This shows me once again, that I am very limited in my creative range.

Also, without my brother’s job in editing, mixing and mastering my original material, the result wouldn’t be half has good. Thanks, bro! 🙂

Original drawing on which the Cineminiature is based