Story: Danny’s brother lives his life. He has almost no contact to his family – 15 years he hasn’t spoken to his parents. All of a sudden he suffers from a brain haemorrhage. He ends up in the hospital, almost dead. His path back to normality is challenging: He needs to learn speaking again, needs to learn how to walk and stand on his own feet. Luckily he has a great family, who helps him to get up, even though there was no contact for so long. He changes his life, moves closer to his family and starts a new, a different life.

Danny’s Brother

This time I found something very irritating: I let myself inspire from John William’s Schindler’s List soundtrack (one of my all-time favourites). Halfway through I was very happy with my results; I had imitated some of his instrumentations and orchestrations, but I had paid attention not to copy the melody or the harmonies. I was ready to get from the composing step over to the production step. But all of a sudden, I realized that Schindler’s List is not the only source I “copied”. My main motiv has also similarities to Cher’s Strong Enough and Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive!

But how is this possible? I did not copy, at least not on purpose. I haven’t heard those songs in ages. Both have a completely different tone from what my song should have!

The good thing is: It is ok. Even John Williams copies. Not only a little bit, but quite obvious. Check this out: