This time my friend Lena and me wrote a musical song together, in the style of the Disney films of the 1990th (as composed by Alan Menken). It’s a song about a white fox, who is getting bullied around by the other animals, and in this song starts to gather all her courage together and plans to break out of this victim role.

If I was red

I had a lot of help this time: My wife at the time, Katharina, came up with the background story and Lena wrote the lyrics and most of the vocals, and of course sang it with her beautiful voice.

It was up to now the most complex composing project for me, for several reasons. First I wrote multiple motifs for the various emotions that could be utilized in a musical, and I selected some to be evolved into a song. Then Katharina came up with a full story, because I found out that I cannot compose without some kind of context. Then I started composing and orchestrating the actual song, unfortunately without thinking about the text in advance. When looking back this was the biggest mistake I could make, because I had to re-arrange huge parts of the composition later. It would have been better to first do the lyrics, then record Lena, and afterwards do the orchestration.

Since I never had done a voice recording before, I had to get familiar with this as well, and also with post-processing the recorded takes. I found out, that the combination of changing tempo in FL Studio and voice recordings is not the best choice.

After all, I learned so many at this project as never before, and I am very proud of the end result. Thanks again to Lena and Katharina for their great support.